A distant color, secluded
David Granström
A distant color, secluded

Stockholm-based label XKatedral proudly presents the first full-length release of the work of Swedish composer and sound artist David Granström. In four interrelated pieces, Granström’s new collection of sound work – A distant color, secluded – invites us to take part in the creation and destruction of perceptual worlds; worlds whose interiors are at once manifestations of vast topological complexity, and of minimalist, pure non-dimensionality.

Upon entering the modalities of Granström’s A distant color, secluded, chordal identities emerge, blend and dissolve in cyclicly repeating patterns of activity. As if continuously traversing an ever-expanding field of materialized harmonicity, this collection of sustained sound skillfully explores the formation of sensory withins and withouts, gradually guiding the listener toward a state of complete immersion.

From the point of view of method, Granström proceeds algorithmically when structuring these sounds, both on a level encompassing intricate precision control over the timbral quality and exact tuning of individual tones, and on the level of larger-scale formative patterning. Employing the medieval principles of isometricity and just intonation, Cagean aleatorics, and advanced real-time sound… more credits released November 14, 2019

All tracks composed by David Granström Mastered by Johannes Ahlberg, Saintpid Mastering Thanks to Maria W Horn, Kali Malone, Lo Kristenson and Marcus Pal Artwork by Jordana Loeb Graphic design by Theodor Kentros XKatedral XK16